Water entering your basement or crawl space is a common problem in new and older homes. They are rarely a one time occurrence. Once water has entered through your foundation, you can be certain it will enter again. You cannot completely keep water away from your foundation, however, you can keep the water out of your basement or crawl space permanently.

The first step is to determine the source of the water leakage:

  • Top of windows
  • Basement wall cracks
  • Top of foundation
  • Floor crack
  • Bottom of foundation

There are four major causes to a leaking basement:

  1. The clay bowl effect
  2. Hydrostatic pressure
  3. Lack of drainage
  4. Clogged drain tile

When your home was built originally, the excavation for the foundation was dug much larger than the home. Once foundation is poured or blocked, drain tile is installed and 6' of pea-stone is placed over it. The foundation is then damp prof-ed (not waterproofed like everyone thinks). The excavated soils are then used to back-fill the excavated area between the outer edge of the excavation and the foundation. What this means is that the soils are the foundation would be loose and UN-compacted.

These virgin soils will shed water toward the loosened soils causing more water to be absorbed around your foundation. This creates an artificial water table around your home that collects water around the foundation. The soil around your home becomes saturated causing it to expand and press up against your home. Precision Foundation Systems LLC can offer you a permanent solution to correct this. We can solve this from the interior/exterior of the home.