Interior Basement Wall Cracks

We at Precision Foundation Systems are crack repair experts. We are ACI (American Concrete Institute), certified. When we repair a basement wall crack, the crack is repaired with epoxy. The crack can be injected from the interior of the home, penetrating all the way through the entire wall and stopping water from entering the structure. This will permanently weld the crack together structurally. Our process of epoxy injecting seals the foundation permanently preventing deterioration of the concrete and reinforcing , creating a barrier against water seepage.

Don't be fooled by companies recommending urethane injection or companies that want to "v" out the crack and refill it with cement; it will not work. All professional structural engineers that we know, demand cracks are to be repaired with epoxy.


Urethane Grout

Polyurethane is a material used to stop water from entering the structure. It is typically used to stop active leaks where pipes penetrate the structure, such as water lines and rod holes.

We repair all types of cracks. Foundation crack repairs require specialized equipment and well trained certified experienced personnel. Precision Foundation uses only state of the art injection equipment that delivers a distinct advantage over our competition for foundation crack repairs.

Steps to repair a crack:

  1. Grind basement wall to remove all loose debris to have a clean surface
  2. Install ports that will allow us to inject epoxy into crack
  3. Install a surface sealer; this is a two part epoxy paste that covers the entire crack. (We do not use Bondo, which can cause cancer.)
  4. Using epoxy, we start our injection process at the bottom of the crack, just above the floor. We inject the epoxy under high pressure filling the cavity from one port to the next, until it runs out of the top of the wall.