About Helical Piers

Precision Foundations Systems only uses helical piers that are manufactured with all American steel and are made here in the United States. All of our helical piers are manufactured in Michigan and consists of a central shaft which one or more helical shaped bearing plates commonly refereed to as flights.
Flights are only welded to the lead section, making it look like a screw. Extensions are then added to the lead section, extending the pile into competent load bearing soils. They're typically used for underpinning a sinking foundation or installed for new construction.

Helical piers are advanced by screwing the pier into the ground until the proper torque is achieved, as required by a structural engineer. We provide the best helical pier in the industry and can provide a custom, engineered, helical pier foundation that meets or exceeds performance requirements as specified by our customers. From our experience in the residential, commercial, industrial, oil and gas industries, we have a solution for you. No other product will meet our product's quality or our price. We BEAT the competition hands down.
Precision can install:

  • Helical piers for new construction
  • Underpinning (for a sinking foundation)
  • Concrete Slab Support
  • Concrete Slab Lifting
  • Underground Utilities
  • Board Walks
  • Decks
  • Retaining Walls

If your home is settling, Precision can permanently stabilize your home's foundation.

  1. First we will excavate to the bottom of the footing
  2. Then where the piers are to be installed, excavate under the footing so a underpinning bracket can be inserted
  3. Then helical piers are hydraulically screwed into the soils until they reach competent load bearing soils or bedrock.

The weight of the home is then transferred to the piers to ensure there is no further settlement of the home or building. In most cases the structure can slowly be lifted back to its original position.

After the home is stabilized Precision Foundation will:

  • Install new drain tile, buried with a minimum of 12" of pea stone
  • Back fill with original soil in 1' increments
  • Compact soil to ensure little to no settlement
  • Repair landscaping